Privacy: This is serious.

What data do you store?

When Will I Be Mayor strives to keep your data safe and make the website fast and fun to use. We store your last 10 checkins from your Foursquare history in order to provide fast results when loading between pages.

What type of access does When Will Be Mayor require with Foursquare?

Foursquare doesn't have an API like Twitter where you can specify what type of access you are requesting (read-only, versus write) - so don't have a choice. Please be aware that this service is read-only, and will never post any unauthorized items to your account with your permission. We never change data ony Foursquare account - just view it in a different way.

Why do you my email address? How do you keep that safe?

We ask for your email address for many reasons. One - it prevents us from users creating multiple accounts per email address. Secondly - it's used to send out your weekly status update for the venues that you monitored.

I'm not sure I like the idea of you storing my data. How can I delete my account

Aww - we're sad to see you go however - you can delete your account on the settings page under Settings.