FAQ: Questions you were afraid to ask.

My numbers are off! Your programming is wrong! Help!

This is the most common question that I receive. Mayorship is complicated. Let's define what Foursquare considers a mayor of place.

mayorship - a user who has the most unique check-ins within a certain time period at a individual venue.

That doesn't make sense. Slow it down for me.

Basically, you need to check-in to a venue the most within a certain time period. For mayorship, the time period is within a 60-day period. That means, within 2 months, you need to check in more than any else does. Any checkins after a two-month period doesn't count down your "mayorship race".

The only attribute that is important is unique. This mean that you are only allowed one check-in per day to count toward your "mayorship race". Let's take a example. Say you check into the Manhattan Bridge on your way in to work at 8:30 am. It was a late night, so you cross the bridge back on your way home at 7:30 pm on the same day. Although you checked into the Manhattan Bridge twice, only 1 is counted toward your mayorship. This is why you may see lower check-ins amounts than what you think, or is displayed on the website.

Are there any other restrictions on being the mayor?

Yes - you need to have a profile picture. Hey - you can't be a little boy/girl for every.

I'm not getting any weekly emails about my monitored venues. What gives?

Ack - we're sorry about that. Contact us at @mayorplease or send us an email at help@whenwillibemayor.com.

Ok - that was too brief. What's this all About?

If You use Foursquare for a lot of things days - finding new places, meeting new people, but most importantly to gain Mayorships. When you gain mayorships its like getting a key to the city. Well, sort of.