What is this? Give me a 10 second overview of the site.

We give the tools to take the guess work out of when you'll be the mayor of your favorite foursquare venues.

Ok - that was too brief. What's this all About?

If You use Foursquare for a lot of things days - finding new places, meeting new people, but most importantly to gain Mayorships. When you gain mayorships its like getting a key to the city. Well, sort of.

One of the problems that I always find is that I want to know how many more times I have to checkin to get that Mayorship that I want. Enter - When Will I Be Mayor? Sign up for an account, and authorize it with your foursquare account and we search your history to find out how many more times you need to check in get that coveted Mayorship. We even monitor venues that you are close, and send you weekly updates on your progress!

Whether you want to get the Mayor of Bubba Gump Shrimp in NYC or Twitter HQ in San Fran, When Will I Be Mayor can help you find out what it takes. Are you up for challenge?

Are there any restrictions?

In the last 60 days, you cannot check in more than 250 times. This is because Foursquare's API doesn't allow us to go back more than 250 checkins. If you checkin more than 250 times in 60 days, your mayor counts will be inaccurate. It's a fact of life. Sorry.

Who is responsible for this?

My name is Greg Avola, and you can make fun of this website and find me on Twitter @gregavola If you have issues, comments or suggestions for features - send a tweet to @mayorplease on Twitter.

Side note:

Please be patient when doing searches. The algorithm is complex and requires many calls to Foursquare API. If it takes longer than expected, please refresh the page and try again. Also since this an algorithm to find out how many more checkins you need - these numbers may be off depending on your frequency of checking in at the venue.