Types of Roof Issues and What to Look for in a Roof Contractor

Your rooftop is not the first thing that you think about when you wake up in the morning. Most people do not consider their roofs at all until they notice something out of the ordinary. Rooftops are, generally out of sight, out of mind, until an emergency pops up.

 A Few Types of Roof Issues

 Some things that can go wrong with a roof include leakage, moss damage ice damming, fallen branches, and more. Moss may seem innocent enough, but as it grows, it wraps itself around the shingles; lifting from the roof. The slight lifting of the shingles leaves the roof exposed to rain etc. It makes the area vulnerable. Since moss has a unique ability to collect moisture, it makes that entire area prone to bacteria. Any roofing contractor would suggest the quick removal of the moss. 

 Ice damming is caused during the winter. When rooftops are piled with snow, the snow will eventually begin to melt. The reason for this is because the air in the attic is warm. The warm air melts the snow. If it melted all of the storms, it would be fine. However, that’s not how it occurs. It doesn’t melt the snow and ice at the edge of the rooftop, so the water is now trapped. The sitting water can do much damage to the walls and ceilings of the home. Ice dams can be prevented a couple of ways. One way is by properly insulated the attic. This way, the warm air will not rush out. Second, a vent installed, keeping the warm air out of the attic. This prevents the attic from becoming so friendly that it can warm the snow.


 Because of ice damming, many a home will need a roof repair after the winter months. The sitting, soaking water does nothing for the roof, but make it weak and fragile. You can even notice where the water had been sitting for a while, by looking at the ceiling in some homes. Roofers are called often during winter months to go up and take care of the forged ice.

 And then, of course, you have the fallen branches. Fallen branches can present a problem to the roof because they can get stuck in the vent, chimney and under the shingles, which can cause further damage by the lodging there, and exposing the underlying materials to the elements.

 What to Look for in a Roofing Contractor such as www.shelter-usa.com

 A few tips to consider when searching for a roofing company are: 

 a. How long have they been in the business b? Are they licensed c? What are they especially good at d. Do they provide service warranties e? What are there costs?

 f. Do they have finance options

 If the company has been in business for a few years, that means they must have some idea about what they’re doing. Though this is so, you want to make sure they are licensed. Doing business with licensed companies will protect you, and you’re and your home.

 Though each roofing company is supposed to know all of the aspects of roofing, there usually are, certain things about roofing that they may a little more about than the typical shop. Word often gets around when a shop is excellent at a particular situation, and vice versa, when a shop is not so good. If a shop is very good at leak prevention and maintenance, and another is good at emergency repairs, a customer will typically choose whichever one they need at that moment. It’s just a good feeling to do business with people that know precisely they’re doing.

 Most roofing shops offer warranties for their products and their services. This protects the individual from negligent work and malfunctioning products. If you had to do business with one shop that carried warranties and another that didn’t, most people would choose the latter.

 Get the cost of the work needed in writing. Yes, it perhaps used to be that you didn’t need to do this, but these days you do. The specific job, along with individual, needs to be in writing. This was done so no last-minute price hikes can take place. The price of the service, when it started is the same price at the end. Once again, this done to protect the customer.

 And lastly, if the price of the service is steep, but the work needs to be done, discuss a finance option. In many cases the shop will not charge you the entire amount immediately, a form may need to be filled out with payment dates, but the good news is you don’t have to pay it all at once.…

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What should I look for in a roofing contractor?

Roofing contractors are no different than other contractors except they specializing in repairing a home or a building’s roof. They have specific training that matches their license number and tells the homeowner what they are capable of doing. When your home needs roof repair, it can be a struggle to find the right contractor. No one can say one is better than the other if you’ve never had your roof fixed. You will have to assess your situation carefully so you can describe to the roofer what is happening. Before you call them to your house, there are some things to look for when hiring a roofing professional.


 You can rest assured that whoever you call to fix your roof will hop on top your house and start figuring out what’s wrong. However, before they step on your property or even begin any work, they should have the appropriate insurance in place. Most roofing contractors have general liability and worker’s compensation insurance. Always ask if you don’t know and look on their website to see if it states that they do. This insurance can save you a lot of money one day if you’ve hired a roofer with no guarantee. Any injuries they suffer and have no protection in place will fall back on you who will be liable. This means you will be paying for any hospital bills or expense about their injury. Never let anyone on your roof without actually seeing their insurance paperwork and making a copy. You can go a step further by calling the insurance company to make sure they are current with their policy. 


 The biggest thing to look for in a roofing contractor is their educational background and training. You might be able to read about this on their website through their biography page. Most professional roofers will have adequate training and educational classes that allow them to do the work. You can ask the roofer what specific courses they took or where did they get their exercise. Never hire someone who can’t show you their educational background as they could be someone trying to do many things. This can mean they are just fishing for money and trying to do handyman work claiming they have roofing skills. Use the internet to see what kind of classes a roofer should take to get in the profession. This will bring you up to speed on what they are supposed to have in terms of skills and qualifications.


 Once the roofer has a chance to look around on your roof, they will give you an estimate. This outlines all of the work that needs to be done. It should show a clear break down of all costs, parts, and time for labor. An estimate is something you can use to compare with other roofing quotes you might have received. Always make sure the forecast is correct and never let anyone charge you to have it. Providing an estimate is part of the process, and a roofer is aware of this. Anyone who refuses to give you an estimate might not be the one for the job. You have to know what it is going with costs in terms of payment. All numbers should add up and if they don’t, give the estimate back to get a new one. Assessments allow homeowners to decide on who to hire for the job. The lowest rating is always the best one. Look for the amount of time it will take and ask what tools they will be using. Many roofers are using advanced technology to make their work go faster and smoother. Ask the professional roofer you are considering if they have this kind of instruments.

 These are two of the things you should look for in a roofer. Make sure they are carrying the right kind of insurance for their roofing company. This way, you are not found liable for any injuries they might suffer. Check their education by either asking, looking on their website, or using the internet to find out what courses they should be taking. This lets you know you’ve hired the right person for the job when repairing your home’s roof. Estimates are a part of the contractor’s process to give the homeowner an idea of what things will cost. You need to understand everything that needs to be done so your roof can get fixed. Look at the estimate and add up all numbers yourself.…

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When will I be mayor

Boom! A hailstorm just hit in Minnesota, and wow, the damage is huge. Well, time for a new roof or at least make sure it is properly inspected because otherwise, it’s going to start leaking, and you bet nobody wants that. Not you, not your family, heck probably not even your contractor. In any case, if you’re looking for one, look at the info we’re about to make on this blog soon. Hope you have a nice one.

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